Project details

Rochdale Road is a prestigous 237 apartment development located on the edge of Manchester City Centre.

Chartrange were appointed by McGoff to deliver the remediation works on one of Manchester oldest and largest gas works sites.

Scope of works

Our programme of works consisted of a six month remediation programme. Our works consisted of full site remediation including a large scale cut and fill exercise, obstruction removal and management of extensive on site contamination, in line with the agreed Materials Management Plan.

• Removal of hotspots off site to the designated tipping facilities
• Installation of hard standing, haul roads and welfare areas.
• Installation of 17nr 12m sheet piles
• Removal of all below ground structures and relic foundations circa 6.5m deep
• Process circa 35000m3 of reusable materials and reengineer in to site to provide 4 split level piling platforms and ramps
• Install single sided shutter and mass fill existing arch with foam concrete circa 300m3 of concrete
• Removal of 8000m3 materials off site to designated tipping facilities and transfer stations
• Installation of 15lm of 900mm wide capping beam on a 450mm Contiguous piled wall
• Installation of 565m2 Tensar TR2 soil retaining system up to 4.5m in height
• Installation of two crane bases – circa 100m3 concrete enclosed with sheet pile formwork to enable up filling operation
• Final trim operation to form the remediated profile
• Compliance testing in line with approved upfilling specification and remediation strategy
• As-built surveys
• Full verification report for both Geo-Environmental and Geo-Technical works carried out and regulatory sign off