Corporate responsibility

Environmental Policy

Chartrange is aware of the potential impact that our operations have on the environment and recognise that improving the environment is the fundamental core activity of our business.

The company is committed to ongoing compliance with current environmental legislation, achieving project specific targets established for all our site activities and improving our overall environmental performance. The performance of the company’s suppliers and subcontractors will be monitored and will only use companies who meet our quality and environmental requirements.

Chartrange is committed to the following principles of environmental management:

  • The protection and improvement of the environment
  • The prevention of pollution
  • The promotion of re-use and recycling of materials
  • The minimisation of waste
  • The minimisation of energy and material usage
  • The effective management and disposal of waste

Chartrange will carry out its operations and activities in accordance with our environmental management designed to meet the philosophy of BSEN ISO 14001. The Directors and Project Management Personnel are responsible for the implementation of these procedures to ensure environmental management is given priority at all stages of our activities. Such instruction and training as necessary will be provided to allow individuals to fulfill their individual responsibilities for environmental management and protection.

This Environmental Policy Statement and Project Specific Environmental Impacts and Control Measures will be documented and reviewed annually against progress and objectives. They will be displayed prominently at each site and are available to Clients, Regulatory Authorities and the General Public on request.

To achieve the Company’s environmental objectives, the Directors require the full commitment and participation of all Company Personnel, Contractors and Consultants engaged in activities on behalf of Chartrange.

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