The principle of ‘sustainability’ informs all our activities, but it is most manifest in our recycling activities.

Construction waste is rarely consigned to landfill.

RecyclingExcavated soils and subsoils are recovered for re-use in a multitude of engineered and landscaping projects.

Hard materials – concrete, brick, stone and ceramics are recovered and reprocessed into a range of construction aggregates under the WRAP quality protocols.

So, we are able to offer our clients a range of cost-effective products-DOT type 1 and 2 sub-base, 6F1 and 6F2 capping and fill materials, 1A bulk fills and specialised materials such as pipe bedding – and at the same time minimise our environmental impact.

Memberships & accreditations

CHASSafe Contractor ApprovedAchillesMember of British Safety CouncilBuilding ConfidenceWCS
Latest Projects

Terrain Modelling

Chartrange has for a long time been able to provide 2D rendering of projects. We have recently invested in the latest software by LISCAD and so our topographical surveys are displayed in 3D…

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